March 2016

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March was a “short” month in terms of school. The Juniors and Seniors along with about seven facility members traveled to the East Coast on the biennial Historical Trip. The trip lasted approximately 14 days. They traveled all over the East Coast seeing historic sites such as Williamsburg, Jamestown, Plymouth, and also going to Washington D.C., Philadelphia, Boston, and New York City. Students had a wonderful time in these locations, taking lots of pictures, and buying lots of souvenirs.

School was back in session on March 21, 2016, getting back into the swing of things the Environmental Club went to Pololu Valley on March 26, 2016. There they hiked down to the beach and over to the next valley, seeing beautiful sites and a new part of the island most of them had never seen before. Although it was hot and humid they all survived, and spend the rest of the day on the sleek black sand beach.

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February 2016

February seemed like the busiest month every, from the SAC (Student Activity Counsil) preparing for Valentine’s day, boy’s volleyball starting, the Environmental Science Field Trip, all the opportunities the Environmental Club had, and raising money for Project Smile; it was a crazy month.

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February was kicked off with the SAC restarting candy gram’s, this year members of the SAC got to sell teddy bears, chocolate kisses, singing grams, etc. to the high school. They had a fantastic time getting everything ready, and even putting Hershey Kisses in everyone’c locker as an appreciation gift to the school. Overall it was one of the best Valentine’s Day even CLA has ever had.


The Intermediate (6th-8th grade) worked hard on their volleyball skills this month, and won the 2016 Canefire Intermediate Volleyball Invitational.


The Varsity Boy’s Volleyball season has begun! They have not played any games yet, however they have been preparing by playing in a lot of tournaments, such as the BIU tournament.


The Environmental Club did a lot this month, they first had a car wash for the faculty which raised a lot of money for the end of the year trip. They also gave back to the Keauohana Forest Reserve by pulling weeds for five hours. This was to control invasive species from taking over, as well as clearing the trail. The club also hiked 6.1 miles to Kamehame Beach in Ka’u. It was a horribly hot hike, but the beach was worth every drop of sweat and every tear cried. The club also participated in their first annual Ecology Camp! As the camp members made signs to post along a black trail, they learned about native plant identification, and so much more.


The Senior Environmental Science Class got the unique opportunity to go to the Keauhou Bird Conservation Center located in Volcano. This center was a piece of land once destroyed by ranching practices, now it is a beautiful bird conservation center as well as a beautiful native forest. The class got to see different native birds, learn about what the center was doing to repopulate species back into the islands, and they they got to plant trees. It was a great, memorable experience!


CLA’s own Teen Tropical Island Beauty Queen Kylyn Rapoza raised money for the Hilo Medical Children Pediatric Ward this month. She asked the elementary students of CLA to help, they raised about $1,000 and then were rewarded with a high school lead star party.



January 2016, New Year New Accomplishments



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This month the Environmental Club went on a hike to Kipuka Puaula, they also did a service project on a reserve on Mauna Loa. The service project was in partnership with the OMKM, two of CLA’s students went to pull weeds and to volunteer their time and energy to sustain Hawai’i.


January has been a month of wins for the CLA soccer team! They won against Ka’u and Parker.


On January 25th-January 30th CLA students and faculty celebrated their homecoming week. This year the theme was Movies, every day students got to dress up: Marvel Monday, 80’s Movies Tuesday, Wild West Wednesday, Sports Team Thursday, and At the Movies Friday. On January 30, 2016 the CLA soccer team played their homecoming game against Makua Lani, both teams played a wonderful game. After the game, the Seniors were honored with the annual letter burning and this year PK goal burning.


CLA Girl’s Volleyball team set a new standard for the future volleyball teams at CLA.


November 2015, the thankful month


November seems so long ago, from Senior Trip to Thanksgiving break.


The seniors of CLA went on their senior trip this month to Kona. Thanks to Mrs. Mason for planning and budgeting the whole trip. It was a relaxing time away from classes, to just bond as a class. We went to Dolphin Quest where they talked about the ocean, pollutants, ocean conservation issues, and taking a part in making the world cleaner… Oh yeah, and we got to pet dolphins and watch them do flips and tricks! We spent a lot of time at the beach, we got to bowl, go to the beach again, and sleep in (sorta). Overall it was a memorable trip, our first and last senior trip.


This month there was only one hike, Miss Brooks, Mrs. Mason, and Roza hiked a beautiful trail in Ka’u.


Soccer season has started and Christian Liberty has a team! It’s a coed soccer team which is extremely exciting. Most of the seniors on the team have been playing since freshman year for Christian Liberty, so this is their last time to kick it in their high school career. They, as well as the school is excited about what an amazing season they will have.


CLA has created a contest where YOU! can vote for YOUR favorite music video. This contest is compiled of the best music videos the CLA graphic class has created through the years. The rules and categories are: Best Video / Best Actor / Best Actress – will win a cash prize!
How to Vote:
1. CLICK on the youtube link, it will take you to a playlist with all the videos up for the contest.
2. Watch as many videos as you wish.
3. On youtube – Like your top five videos – the top ten will be selected by most video likes. (videos only qualify for top ten once they receive 100 views)
4. Vote for the best actor/actress by commenting on the youtube video.
5. Contest will run from Nov. 25th – Dec. 17th. Winners will be announced on Dec. 18th.
(Only YouTube Views / Likes / Comments will be counted for contest)
Please share!
Thank you CLA Family!


This month the preschool teachers got together to create an event for the preschool students and their parents to have a family fun night (pictures to follow). There was food, free iced coffee drinks, desserts, a super sweet performance from the classes, and crafts the whole family would enjoy. The Rosie O was decorated in all things Christmas to bring on the festive mood.


It’s our tradition here at Christian Liberty to have an annual Thanksgiving lunch. Recently we have been bringing our own potatoes so cook, but this year we welcomed back our beloved stew. After students ate lunch, they dresses up like pilgrims with newspaper and duck tape and walked up and down the runway (aka courtyard) showing the judges (teachers) why they were the best pilgrims.

Countdown to the holidays: October 2015












The beginning of October seems forever ago, this month was filled with annual traditions and also new traditions. To start this month off the way Christian Liberty could only do it, we had our 17th annual Harvest Fair. This year was better than ever, with new and improved games, a pitching contest, waterslide, steak fry, golf-cipping contest, lazar tag, and live entertainment. This was the first year that Miss Teen Tropical Island Beauty Queen 2015, Kylyn Rapoza performed, as well as Christian Liberties own worship band.


Students then went on fall break for a week. While on break the environmental club learned the anatomy and rigging of a sailing vessel. Students got to sail for about two hours in Hilo Bay under beautiful blue skies. When students returned back to school, the environmental club jumped right back into their hikes. On October 31 (Halloween) club members went on an eight mile round trip hike through Pu’u O’o saddle road. It was a beautiful hike, with various ecosystem changes. They hiked along lava fields, and through Kipuka’s with beautiful ‘Ohi’a and Koa trees.


The fall sports ended this month. Volleyball girls both JV and Varsity had an incredible season. They broke the school’s record on the amount of wins a team from CLA has gotten. Cross Country also ended for both the Junior High, and High school runners. The BIIF race was held at Kamehameha, Nicolino Keen made his time and qualified for states in Maui. That same day, the seniors were honored by leis, floaties, and posters. The Junior High race was held at CLA, and was the final race of their season. Jadea Yamasaki, Austin Wilson, and John Grover medaled in their races.


This month the SAC threw another monthly school event, the 8th and 12th graders drew inspiration from October. They created an event called, “Hallowmas” here students played games such as apple bobbing, donut eating, they carved pumpkins, and had a dance off. The seniors also created a special surprise for the students who attend, at the very end students could go through a maze that seniors dressed up as creepy, scary characters and scared maze walkers.

September 2015

10403541_889308567823694_2865843196630450026_nFullSizeRender11986325_891213670966517_3730151687855228010_n12036879_931234816948761_1184322750056029389_nimage11990496_893846194036598_2748706105354519388_n12019807_893846240703260_4577986734804629694_n12087994_903064703114747_7733977043276646542_nIMG_0842IMG_2743Picture Credit: Kara Rimel, Mr. Oertal, Kylyn Rapoza, Taylor-Ann Collado, Mrs. Corpuz, and Mr. and Mrs. Mason

What happened this month?

September was a successful month for Christian Liberty.

To start the month, Christian Liberty’s very own Miss Teen Tropical Island Beauty Queen 2015, Kylyn Rapoza, spoke to our elementary about bullying.

Ola’a Episode 3- Retribution premiered on September 8th.


The girls volleyball team, both varsity and JV, had an incredible month of wins. Jade Arellano, Chantal “Telly” Koon, and Angela Reinking all were recognized as “players of the match.”

The Junior High cross country team had their first race of the season, on September 26 at Kamehameha. From the boys race, Austin Wilson took second with a time of 9:15.59, and John Grover took third with a time of 9:46.43. The Girls: Jadea Yamasaki (5th place 11:43.99), Rhylee Corpuz (25th 12:56.62), Tehya Caceres (56th 16:42.32)

Environmental Science Club

The Environmental Science club worked, hiked, and made our community a better place. On September 12 2015, the club went down to Honokea pond at Wai Uli today (Richardson’s Beach). There the club, with the help of Kumu Lauren, learned about the history of the place, and also the importance of building ko’a. After, there was a beach clean up in Keaukaha. On September 19 2015, the club hiked an 8 mile circuit around Volcano National Park with the help of Linda Larish. Despite the rain on September 26, three faithful club member, as well as Mr. and Mrs. Mason, hiked to Ha’ena Beach (Shipman.)

Student Activity Council

Christian Liberty’s class representatives are now pairing with reps from grades lower than them to create and all school event. This month the Juniors and the Freshman set the bar high by creating a “Glow Out.” This event was open to the whole high school, it took place at night, everyone got glow sticks, and had a blast taking pictures, playing games, and just enjoying each others company.

Junior Senior Retreat 2015

The Juniors and Seniors also went on their annual Spiritual Retreat at KMC. This year, John Endriss and Engage Church took over, bringing their worship band, their youth leaders, and their pastor!